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Bulls Beat #370 - Summer League
We get our first look at Bobby Portis and another look at Doug McDermott. I also discuss Hoiball and expectations for the next season.

Bulls Beat #369 - Free Agency
I discuss the Bulls bringing back Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy and the early shake up of the league with free agency signings.

Bulls Beat #368 - Draft and offseason rumors
I discuss Bobby Portis, Trade rumors, the top 10 GMs, and the Bulls offseason plans

Bulls Beat #367 - Hoiberg
I discuss the Bulls hiring of Fred Hoiberg, Jim BoylEn, the NBA finals, and LeBron James

bulls Beat #366 - He Gone
I discuss Tom Thibodeau's firing, Fred Hoiberg as a prospective coach, and the Noah/Taj trade rumors.

Bulls Beat #365 - The return
After all your emails and facbooks, I decided to keep the podcast alive.

Bulls Beat #364 - The end
I break down the end of the Bulls season as well as the end of the Bulls Beat

Bulls Beat #363 - Strong start
The Bulls claimed a 2-1 series lead against the Cavs behind the play of Jimmy Butler and Rose's prayer three.

Bulls Beat #362 - Bring on the Cavs
The Bulls annihilated the Bucks in game six for redemption and are now set to face a depleted Cavaliers team.

Bulls Beat #361 - Put your brooms away
The Bulls failed to sweep the Bucks, but still hold a dominant 3-1 lead.

Bulls Beat #360 - Victory
The Bulls captured the 3rd seed and won game one against Milwaukee

Bulls Beat #359 - Winding down
After a long hiatus, I discuss the end game for the Bulls season and their relationship with Tom Thibodeau.

Bulls Beat #358 - Jimmy down
I discuss Jimmy's injury, the Bulls playoff seeding chase, the Thibs situation, and what we've seen recently from all the players.

Bulls Beat #357 - It's all over
Derrick Rose needs another knee surgery and while his timeline is optimistc, I'm less optimstic about his ability when he returns

Bulls Beat #356 - The long show
I missed a podcast so make up for it with a double length show breaking down the trade deadline, all star weekend, recent games, and the rest of the season.

Bulls Beat #355 - Doug plays
I disccus the Bulls last two games and wonder why Doug McDermott can't get on the floor.

Bulls Beat #354 - Rough week
The Chicago Bulls struggle through a tough week. I discuss the causes and some adjustments to be made.

Bulls Beat #353 - ship righted
The Bulls pick up a couple of big wins against Western Conference playoff teams in order to right the ship after struggling in the prevoius eight games.

Bulls Beat #352` - Ouch
The Bulls struggle through a tough week and finish 1-3.

Bulls Beat #351 - Rose down
Derrick Rose misses a game with knee soreness as the Bulls have a rough week.

Bulls Beat #350 - Winning ugly
The Bulls had a 3-1 week, but they sure looked lousy doing it.

Bulls Beat #349 - Even more domination
The Bulls have now won nine of their past 10 with a bunch of quality wins and are looking like championship favoties.

Bulls Beat #348 - Rolling
The Bulls are rolling after a big road win against the Grizzlies even without Derrick Rose.

Bulls Beat #347 - Rose sighting
We've now seen Derrick Rose. The real Derrick Rose, and it was glorious.

Bulls Beat #346 - Circus complete
The Bulls finish the circus trip 4-3 as Derrick Rose finishes two games in a row for the first time this season

Bulls Beat #345 - Injuries
I break down the Bulls injuries and the bigger outlook of what Chicago needs to do.

Bulls Beat #344 - Rotations
I discuss Derrick Rose's injuries, the Bulls rotations and the last couple of games.

Bulls Beat #343 - Improvements Needed
The Chicago Bulls are 5-2, but they've played a weak schedule and have obvious flaws.

Bulls Beat #342 -
I discuss the Bulls first three games of the season, and why my championship hopes are boosted despite Derrick Rose's sprained ankle.

Bulls Beat #341 -
I discuss the camp battles in preseason, what has been revealed and what adjustments need to be made as the regular season edges closer.

Bulls Beat #340 -
Derrick rose looks great, the rest of the starters look good. I break down all the players after there preseason games.

Bulls Beat #339 -
I discuss why this season will come down to Tom Thibodeau's ability to go from great to elite coach based on how he manages rotations and creates new offensive sets

Bulls Beat #338 -
I discuss the Cavaliers recent moves and the major questions entering training camp

Bulls Beat #337 -
Derrick Rose plays poorly but comes home with the gold. Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Bruce Levenson, and Danny Ferry throw sports into a negative news cycle.

Bulls Beat #336 -
If you're a fan of Derrick Rose and can't listen to some criticism, I suggest you don't download this episode of the Bulls Beat, because well, he's playing some awful basketball.

Bulls Beat #335 -
I discuss Derrick Rose's struggles with Team USA and why they're still a good thing for Bulls fans

Bulls Beat #334 -
I discuss what it takes to win a title, the finalized Love trade, and Derrick's Team USA experience

Bulls Beat #333 -
I discuss Derrick Rose's performance in the Team USA vs Brazil exhibition, and the Bulls wing rotation

Bulls Beat #332 -
The Cleveland Cavaliers have landed Kevin Love pushing the Bulls out of the top spot of the Eastern Conference.

Bulls Beat #331 -
I discuss Derrick Rose's Team USA experience, Paul George's injury, and the Bulls dropping out of the Kevin Love chase

Bulls Beat #330 -
I discuss the Bulls off-season and status in the NBA.

Bulls Beat #329 -
The Chicago Bulls have 12 men on the roster and a full rotation, I discuss how things look with offseason basically complete.

Bulls Beat #328 -
Melo decids to stay with the Knicks, LeBron returns to Cleveland, and the Bulls settle for Pau Gasol. I break down the FA news and summer league game 1

Bulls Beat #327 -
I discuss the Bulls pursuit of Carmelo Anthony, the Heat's free agency challenges, and the landscape of the NBA.

Bulls Beat #326 -
I discuss the Bulls trading up in the draft for Doug McDermott as well as the landscape of the NBA offseason

Bulls Beat #325 -
Kevin States returns to the Bulls Beat to break down the Bulls options in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Bulls Beat #324 -
I discuss the Spurs NBA Finals victory and how it will reshape the off-season of the NBA as well as set a new bar for the Bulls.

Bulls Beat #323 -
I discuss the sale of the Clippers, the NBA finals, and how the Bulls can land both Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony this off-season

Bulls Beat #322 -
I discuss why I'd move Tom Thibodeau for a lottery pick as well as why Bill Simmons is off the mark on his comments about how Reinsdorf runs the Bulls

Bulls Beat #321 -
I discuss the NBA draft, the free agent possibilities, and the rest of the NBA playoffs.

Bulls Beat #320 -
I discuss my insane Rose trade, Pau Gasol rumors, and Thibodeau's issues with rotations

Bulls beat #319 -
I discuss the end of the Bulls playoff run, an overview of various off-season scenarios, and the Lakers interest in Tom Thibodeau

Bulls Beat #318 -
The Bulls lost game one to the Wizards and now need to quickly find some answers to their ailing defense.

Bulls Beat #317 -
I discuss the Bulls rise to the three seed, coach of the year talk, and the Bulls subtle salary maneuverings.

Bulls Beat #316 -
I discuss the Bulls chase for the three seed, D.J. Augustin's contract situation, and the fall of Carlos Boozer.

Bulls Beat #315 -
The Bulls close out the rest of the season with 10 winnable games after completing the end of the gauntlet. I discuss the present seeding implications and whether or not D.J. Augustin and Kirk Hinrich will be back next season.

Bulls Beat #314 -
I discuss the Bulls week, the playoff race, and the rest of the Bulls season.

Bulls Beat #313 -
I discuss the historic nature of Joakim Noah's passing, the Bulls race towards the playoffs, and why this season has turned out fun despite the Rose injury.

Bulls Beat #312 -
The Chicago bulls struggled in Miami, but they've still been on a tear ripping apart opponents recently.

Bulls Beat #311 -
The Bulls emerged from their annual Ice Capades trip with a 3-3 record and return at .500, good for 5th in the East.

Bulls Beat #310 -
I discuss the possibilities surrounding Carmelo Anthony and D.J. Augustin in this summer and how the Bulls can build a championship caliber team.

Bulls Beat #309 -
The Bulls unloaded Marquis Teague in another deal to save salary and look poised to make the playoffs as Charlotte has fallen to the perfect spot.

Bulls Beat #308 -
The Bulls traded Luol Deng for a rather slim amount in return, but they're still heading towards the playoffs after winning four in a row.

Bulls Beat #307 -
Playoffs? We're talking playoffs? Yeah, not only are the Bulls back in the playoff race, they've climbed to sixth in the East.

Bulls Beat #306 -
I discuss the possibilities of trading Deng to Cleveland and how to build a flexibile future for Chicago.

Bulls Beat #305 -
I discuss the Bulls decision surrounding Luol Deng, the likelihood of Rose coming back (ever) , and the Bulls goals the rest of the season.

Bulls Beat #304 -
I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Bulls playoff chase vs lotto ball chase as well as the likelihood of the Bulls landing a top pick.

Bulls Beat #303 -
The Bulls dropped two of three, and I discuss why I'm doing my best to enjoy the few bright moments of the Buls this season.

Bulls Beat #302 -
The Bulls dropped two of three this week including losses to two of the worst teams in the NBA.

Bulls Beat #301 -
Derrick Rose is down, and the Bulls might be out. There are no pretty solutions in this podcast.

Bulls Beat #300 -
The Bulls crushed the Indiana Pacers for their first quality win and ended the Pacers streak, but I'm still not sold on Derrick Rose's return.

Bulls Beat #299 -
I discuss the Bulls slow start and limited options to improve if things don't get better on their own.

Bulls Beat #298 -
Derrick Roes is struggling as the regular season kicks off, and the Bulls aren't doing much better.

Bulls Beat #297 -
The Bulls were the only undefeated team in preseason, can they keep the momentum going agianst the Heat? I think so.

Bulls Beat #296 -
The Bulls beat the Pacers in a preseason game with some regular season intensity to improve to 5-0 this preseason.

Bulls Beat #295 -
Derrick Rose missed a game with left knee soreness, but I'd rather panic about our bench than Rose's knee

Bulls Beat #294 -
Derrick Rose is back, Derrick Rose looked good, and that's all that really matters.

Bulls Beat #293 -
I am amped up for the regular season, start of media day, and discuss the Bulls chances this year, how Derrick Roes might win the MVP award

Bulls Beat #292 -
I discuss the camp battle for the final roster spot and note this might be the best Bulls roster Derrick Rose has ever had

Bulls Beat #291 -
I discuss the hot news of the week, Fab Melo waived [gasp] as well as general roster considerations for this season

Bulls Beat #290 -
I examine the Bulls roster depth and how various injury scenarios would impact the team.

Bulls Beat #289 -
I discuss the Bulls last roster spot, athletic lineups of the bulls, and Why Boozer may be here longer than you think.

Bulls Beat #288 -
I discuss the Bulls final roster spot and why the schedule is meaningless as we fight through the worst month of basketball news of the year.

Bulls Beat #287 -
I discuss the recent story of PEDs in the NBA, Rose's comments about being the best player in the league, and the hunt for the sixth big man

Bulls Beat #286 -
I discuss the end of summer league, the Bulls final roster decisions, and ramble on aimlessly a bit in what is shaping up to be a boring basketball summer.

Bulls Beat #285 -
I discuss summer league action and why the NBA needs to go after the Brooklyn Nets right now.

Bulls Beat #284 -
I review the major signings in free agency as well as the Bulls pick up of Mike Dunleavy Jr

Bulls Beat #282 -
Kevin States joins the Bulls Beat to discuss the 2013 NBA Draft.

Bulls Beat #281 -
I discuss the NBA finals and the likely boring Bulls offseason.

Bulls Beat #280 -
I discuss Luol Deng's decision to avoid wrist surgery, the impact of bringing over Nikola Mirotic in 2014 and Nate Robinson's pending departure.

Bulls Beat #279 -
The Bulls enter week two of potentially the most boring off season in recent memory.

Bulls Beat #278 -
Too small, too hurt, too slow, and too stupid to quit, the Bulls faught hard against Miami, but their depleted roster came up short.

Bulls Beat #277 -
The Chicago Bulls defeated the Brooklyn Nets in the first ever road win in a game seven for Chicago.

Bulls Beat #276 -
The Bulls out will, out work, out defend, and out shoot Brooklyn over three games to take a commanding lead in the series.

Bulls Beat #275 -
The Bulls were crushed by the Nets in game one and need to find a way to respond.

Bulls Beat #274 -
I discuss the Bulls playoff seedings, the Miami Heat, and Rose's injury.

Bulls Beat #273 -
An entire podcast dedicated to the game Bill Simmons called the greatest regular season game in the history of basketball.

Bulls Beat #272 -
I discuss the Bulls injuries, Rose's return, the easy finish, and the past week of Bulls basketball.

Bulls Beat #271 -
I discuss the odds of Derrick Rose returning to the court and how the Bulls can try to topple the Miami Heat.

Bulls Beat #270 -
I discuss Derrick's return, the team's recent play, the future, and what a bad ass Joakim Noah is

Bulls Beat #269 -
i discuss all star weekend, Derrick Rose's shocking statements, and why nothing will happen at this trade deadline.

Bulls Beat #268 -
I break down this week of Bulls basketball, the Noah injury situation, and the latest trade rumors surrounding the Chicago Bulls.

Bulls Beat #267 -
The Chicago Bulls fight through injuries to three starters at they start 2-1 on their long road trip.

Bulls Beat #266 -
I discuss the Bulls recent week, Derrick Rose's pending return to the court, and what the Bulls can get done in the playoffs this year.

Bulls Beat #265 -
The Chicago Bulls play their most exciting week of basketball this season with three overtime games, taking three of four on the week.

Bulls Beat #264 -
The Bulls defeated the Heat in Miami to help bolster fan confidence after a loss to the Bobcats.

Bulls Beat #263 -
The Chciago Bulls survived the tough ten with a 5-4 and to be played later record. I discuss my thoughts on the team after seeing them against real competition.

Bulls Beat #262 -
Marcus Teague has stepped up and given the Bulls a big lift while showing the potential he has to become a quality player in the league.

Bulls Beat #261 -
The Bulls have won three in a row and five of their last six. They now embark on a tough stretch of tough games.

Bulls Beat #260 -
The Chicago Bulls have fallen to .500 as their lack of offensive options has been exposed.

Bulls Beat #259 -
The Bulls won two of three games over the week while plaing OKC tough. I review the roster performances to date and discuss possible Bulls rotations if Hinrich misses time.

Bulls Beat #258 -
The Bulls kicked off the season 2-1 showing us exactly what we expected to see.

Bulls Beat #257 -
I discuss the James Harden trade, David Stern's retirement, and of course, how the Bulls look as they prepare to open the season.

Bulls Beat #256 -
I discuss Carlos boozer's big game as well as Marco Belinelli's struggles, the future of the bench mob, and why Tom Thibodeau has a shot to win coach of the year.

Bulls Beat #255 -
I discuss the play of various Bulls players through three preseason games.

Bulls Beat #254 -
I discuss all of the latest camp/media day news as the Bulls prepare to open pre-season.

Bulls Beat #253 -
I discus the Bulls offense and partiularly what they'll get from the SG position.

Bulls Beat #252 -
I discuss why it's important to lcok up Gibson and Thibs, some LeBron vs Kobe vs Jordan stuff, and whether the Bulls will go ultra cheap this year.

Bulls Beat #251 -
I discuss Kirk Hinrich's role on the Bulls, Thibodeau's contract extension, and the powers of the NBA this season

Bulls Beat #250 -
Are the Chicago Bulls in baskeball purgatory? Basketball hell? I think not.

Bulls Beat #249 -
Somehow I recorded an episode of the Bulls Beat, but I did not post it right away, and forgot what I discussed, that said, I'm sure it was epic [or not].

Bulls Beat #248 -
The Bulls didn't seem involved with the Dwight Howard talks and may have fallen into the NBA's middle class.

Bulls Beat #247 -
I discuss the Bulls roster, Hinrich contract, lack of Thibs extension and a variety of loose ends

Bulls Beat #246 -
The Chicago Bulls off-season looks fairly well wrapped up, and we're left to discuss who we are at this point

Bulls Beat #245 -
K.C. and I discuss the Bulls off-season and the cost cutting moves Chicago has made while taking a look at what the roster they do have will be able to get done this summer.

Bulls Beat #244 -
The Chicago Bulls have officially parted ways with the bench mob as Kyle Kover, Ronnie Brewer, and C.J. Watson will all be playing for different teams next season. I discuss the Bulls off-season to date and where they can realistically take this team

Bulls Beat #243 -
Kirk Hinrich returns to the Bulls while casual fans rejoice, die hard fans groan. After getting over my initial reaction, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle of those responses.

Bulls Beat #242 -
Free agency didn't exactly start off with a bang for Chicago. The Bulls are threatened with the departue of Asik and are turning to Kirk Hinrich as a potential PG.

Bulls Beat #241 -
I bring on Jonathan Givony of Draftexpress and Kevin States from Bulls Confidential to break down the 2012 NBA draft.

Bulls Beat #239 -
I discuss the contradictory goals of the Bulls in the 2012/13 season.

Bulls Beat #238 -
I discuss some interesting news from a Miami Heat insider and the future make up of the Eastern Conference.

Bulls Beat #237 -
I discuss the end of the Bulls season and start to give a detail of the questions facing the Bulls this next off-season.

Bulls Beat #236 -
Derrick Rose tore his ACL in the first game of the playoffs, and I discuss how the Bulls need to pick themselves back up and make a run this season.

Bulls Beat #235 -
The Chicago Bulls locked up the #1 seed, gave it away, then locked it up again in a wild week of Bulls basketball. I discuss the playoff outlook for the team as the regular season winds to a close.

Bulls Beat #234 -
The Bulls all but clinch the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference after a wild win against the Heat and then come back and repeat the performance with a different cast of players on the road against the Pistons.

Bulls Beat #233 -
Derrick Rose finally returned for the Chicago Bulls, but his return was filled with struggles to match the Bulls past week of play.

Bulls Beat #232 -
The Bulls get crushed by the Thunder, but the Heat managed to keep pace and fall to the Celtics.

Bulls Beat #231 -
With Rose out the Bulls won another three games besting Orlando and Toronto twice. They've clinched a playoff birth and all but locked up the #2 seed with the only battle left being with the heat for #1.

Bulls Beat #230 -
Derrick Rose is out again, but the Bulls keep finding ways to win. How long can they keep it up and what impact will it have on the playoffs?

Bulls Beat #229 -
The Chicago Bulls enter the trade deadline with injury concerns over their heads, will they make a move?

Bulls Beat #228 -
The Chicago Bulls charge out of the all-star break on a tear while the Heat drop consecutive games placing the Bulls atop the Eastern Conference and the NBA once again

Bulls Beat #227 -
I break down the first half of the season and grade out the Bulls players relative to my expectations of them this season

Bulls Beat #226 -
I discuss the Bulls nine game road trip, Derrick Rose's back, and Luol Deng's first all-star selection.

Bulls Beat #225 -
The Chicago Bulls endured about as big a rough patch as they will this season, dropping three of five while dealing with injuries. I discuss the team moving forward and the options available.

Bulls Beat #224 -
The Chicago Bulls went 3-1 this week despite Derrick Rose missing the week. Credit Boozer, Watson, Hamilton and Thibodeau for the strong play.

Bulls Beat #223 -
How many times does a team win give games in a week? Not frequently. However, that was the Bulls week even playing a game without Derrick Rose.

Bulls Beat #222 -
The Chicago Bulls had a successful 3-1 week despite getting smeared by the Hawks on Saturday. However, the starting lineup isn't performing, do the Bulls need to make a change?

Bulls Beat #221 -
The Chicago Bulls are off to a great start as the offense comes together against the Clippers and Grizzlies. Derrick Rose proves, again, that he's the best PG in the NBA humiliating Chris Paul, again, in head to head matchup

Bulls Beat #220 -
Nick drops in to discuss Derrick Rose, Richard Hamilton, the offensive adjustments, and the Bulls pursuit of Dwight Howard.

Bulls Beat #219 -
I give a break down of the Bulls first preseason game, discuss the battle for power in the East, and discuss the general news around the NBA

Bulls Beat #218 -
I discuss the Bulls media day, Dwight Howard rumors, and the eventual signing of Richard Hamilton.

Bulls Beat #217 -
The NBA is allowing team and player contact starting on Dec 5th, while no agreements can be formed, but we should know in a few days who the Bulls starting SG is.

Bulls Beat #216 -
The NBA is back and Derrick Rose joins Larry Bird, Gilbert Arenas, and Allan Houson by getting a rule named after him in the newest CBA.

Bulls Beat #215 -
The players have rejected the owners ultitamatum and have taken the battle to court. I also discuss the Tracy McGrady to Chicago rumor started by Steven A. Smith on ESPN Radio

Bulls Beat #214 -
The owners and players approach a critical mass as the owners have declared their final offer before dropping their BRI%

Bulls Beat #213 -
I discuss why the Bulls may want to trade big for small and the latest breakdowns in the CBA talks.

Bulls Beat #212 -
A discussion of the underlying owner financials as well as how the new amnesty clause could land a star in Chicago.

Bulls Beat #211 -
The NBA is heading towards mediation, some LeBron bashing, and why Jordan will always be the best

Bulls Beat #210 -
The owners and players have appeared to dig in on their positions, if something doesn't happen in the next week expect a long lockout.

Bulls Beat #209 -
The owners agreed to come back to the players with a non hard cap proposal, but the sides are further apart on money than previously discussed. I break down the latest news of the CBA talks.

Bulls Beat #208 -
The players and owners are close on money, but they're now battling it out over structure. J.R. Smith officially signs in China limiting the Bulls choices at SG.

Bulls Beat #207 -
I discuss the latest power meetings of the collective bargaining agreement as well as attempting to read the tea leaves of various players actions, quotes, and everything going on with the new CBA. I also discuss the potential impact of J.R. Smith possibly signing with the Chinese Basketball Association.

Bulls Beat #206 -
I briefly discuss the Bulls at Eurobasket, the disappointing results of the power meeting with the union and Stern, and why the Bulls need to figure out how to get more from their frontcourt in next year's playoffs.

Bulls Beat #205 -
I discuss why and how the Chicago Bulls should go all in to win the NBA title as soon as possible.

Bulls Beat #204 -
I discuss the hour long David Stern interview on the Bill Simmons article and tell you why Jerry Reinsdorf choosing Krause actually enhanced the legacy of Phil Jackson and Micahel Jordan as well as discussing whether we'd really do anything to land Dwight Howard.

Bulls Beat #203 -
I discuss the inductions of Tex Winter, Artis Gilmore, and Dennis Rodman into the hall of fame and give a brief update on the CBA talks.

Bulls Beat #202 -
The NBA owners have sued the players, and while it may sound crazy, it's a great move for the owners. Meanwhile I spend some time talking about the Bulls front court rather than just the shooting guard position.

Bulls Beat #201 -
All collective bargaining agreements aren't made equal. I discuss why the CBA you want as a Bulls fan may not be fair for everyone, and why I blame the owners, yet want them to win the negotiation.

Bulls Beat #200 -
I discuss some heresay rumors about Derrick Rose as well as some more talk about the collective bargaining agreement.

Bulls Beat #199 -
I discuss Jason Richardson vs J.R. Smith as well as the overall Bulls roster construction at the guard position going into next season.

Bulls Beat #198 -
I discuss why the CBA won't have any significant movement in discussions until September, how RDA isn't quite the monster we though it was, and where the players and owners need to meet to get a deal done. In addition to that I discuss which teams are hurt most by the lockout and whether or not the Bulls will be able to win a title in a post lockout NBA.

Bulls Beat #197 -
I discuss the NBA lockout, what needs to happen for it to end, some thoughts on the CBA and how to improve the league.

Bulls Beat #196 -
I discuss the Bulls haul at the NBA draft as well as my initial take on the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement.

Bulls Beat #195 -
I bring on NBA Draft expert Jonathan Givony of to discuss the NBA draft from a Chicago Bulls perspective

Bulls Beat #194 -
I discuss the NBA finals, LeBron James' collapse, and how the results should feel good for chicago Bulls fans.

Bulls Beat #193 -
I discuss the primary ways the Bulls can beat the Heat by adding salary to this team with their expiring contracts and draft picks as trade bait.

Bulls Beat #192 -
I discuss the Bulls series against the Heat, the moves to be made next year, and bring some rationality to how close this series actually was.

Bulls Beat #191 -
The Bulls are ECF bound, and I break down everything the Bulls need to do to beat the Heat as well as how the teams matchup against each other.

Bulls Beat #190 -
The Chicago Bulls have split four games with the Atlanta Hawks since my last podcast and have a legitimate chance to steal this series from Chicago. I discus the series, the recen awards, and the rest of the playoffs.

Bulls Beat #189 -
I break down the Bulls distruction (I mean matchup -- no destruction is better) of the Atlanta Hawks as well as the other second round playof series. I also discuss what the Bulls can and should do with Carlos Boozer as well as how fortuante we are to have Derrick Rose

Bulls Beat #188 -
I discuss the Bulls loss in game four to the Indiana Pacers, the officiating, adjustments, and the single brightside to the loss as well as the upcoming rounds of the NBA playoffs.

Bulls Beat #187 -
My buddy Eli Nicolosi joins me in an impromptu podcast as we drive home from Indianapolis after game three. We break down the game, the team, and the rest of the play offs.

Bulls Beat #186 -
Derrick Rose went off on the Indiana Pacers to steal back a game that the Chicago Bulls probably didn't deserve to win. I break down the game and discuss the outlook for the rest of the playoffs.

Bulls Beat #185 -
The Chicago Bulls clinched the number one seed and aim to take a shot at the best record in the NBA, but at what cost? They should do well in hte post-season awards, and I examine the various potential playoff matchups.

Bulls Beat #184 -
The Chicago Bulls appear to have locked up the #1 seed witha magic number of four and only six games to play. Now the only question is whether they can catch the Spurs and stay ahead of the Lakers for home court in the finals. However, they still have a couple of problems that might trip them up in the playoffs. Derrick Rose looks like your MVP, but can he hold off a late charge from Kobe Bryant. I also discuss why John Hollinger's argument for Dwight Howard really isn't all that sound.

Bulls Beat #183 -
I break down the race for playoff seeding as well as the potential matchups the Bulls might have in the playoffs.

Bulls Beat #182 -
The bulls dropped a game to the Indiana Pacers, but they're still looking good for the #1 seed ovearll and a trip to at least the ECF.

Bulls Beat #181 -
The Chicago Bulls are tied in the standings for the #1 seed in the East, though it's not quite as rosy as it sounds. Derrick Rose continues on his quest for MVP, I discuss the Bulls going cheap on coaches still as New Orleans apparently offered more money for Tom Thibodeau than Chicago was willing to offer, and I discuss why I'd go with Taj Gibson at the end of games.

Bulls Beat #180 -
The Bulls have exited the toughest stretch of the season winning two of the three tough road games, and taking the two most important of the group. Derrick Rose enhances his MVP hype, the Bulls enhance their second seed odds, and I'm jumping on the title bandwagon.

Bulls Beat #179 -
The Bulls stood pat at the trade deadline, but one of the players covetted by other GMs, Omer Asik, directly helped the Bulls Beat the Heat. I also discuss why Bill Simmons, whom I love, is crazy about his trade deadline ratings, and the upcoming schedule for the Bulls.

Bulls Beat #178 -
I discuss everything Bulls with K.C. Johnson, from trade deadline action, the MVP vote, how the Bulls stack up against elite competition and just how good Derrick Rose is. Unfortunately, my mic stopped recording mid interview, so I had to re-record my parts to the interview, so excuse a little bit of occasional choppiness. K.C. gave some great answers though and really surprised me with a few of his views.

Bulls Beat #177 -
Derrick Rose proves he's the best point guard in the NBA by crushing his rivals in head to head match ups on the road. I also discuss the Bulls fight for seeding in the playoffs and how they can prove they're worthy of Jerry spending luxury tax dollars on improving the team.

Bulls Beat #176 -
Yes, the Bulls finally lost a game, and Keith Bogans dominance on the game when scoring six points has come to an end. I discuss the upcoming week, the Bulls precarious seeding scenario situation, and how the Bulls can get to the next level to win a title

Bulls Beat #175 -
The bulls finish off an undefeated week including a marquee win against the Orlando Magic. The schedule is about to get tough though, and the Bulls seeding will depend on what they do over the next 18 games. Derrick Rose is voted in as an all-star starter, but he says he won't dance. Dwight Howard has some thoughts on that. I also discuss the possibilities of a trade to improve the team and where the Bulls can head this season.

Bulls Beat #174 -
Bulls complete another successful week even with the Boozer injury, Tom Thibodeau deserves coach of the year consideration, and where do you want the Bulls seeded in these playoffs?

Bulls Beat #173 -
The Bulls beat the Miami Heat and take three of their four games over the week. A lot of discussion about the heat game, the rest of the week, the upcoming week, what's wrong with Kyle Korver, Derrick Rose for MVP and why Chris Bosh is such a pussy.

Bulls Beat #172 -
A discussion of the Carlos Boozer benching, the win vs Boston, and the Bulls upcoming week as they prepare for a tilt against Miami on Saturday.

Bulls Beat #171 -
A discussion of why the Bulls are unlikely to make a trade despite their need at shooting guard as well as a quick overview of the recent games and look ahead at the games coming up.

Bulls Beat #170 -
The Chicago Bulls are on a five game win streak with statement wins against Oklahoma City and Los Angelas as Derrick Rose looks like a legitimate MVP candidate and carries the Bulls whenever they need him.

Bulls Beat #169 -
The Bulls go 1-2 over the week losing statement games to Orlando and Boston while barely getting past Houston. It's time to start Kyle Korver for the good of the team as the move puts everyone in a more natural role.

Bulls Beat #168 -
Derrick Rose led the Bulls to their first successful circus trip since the Jordan era, willing them ot victory on multiple occasions. The team anxiously awaits the return of Carlos Boozer from injury and has a chance to top the Eastern Conference standings at the end of this season.

Bulls Beat #167 -
The Bulls won two of three in Texas and are off to an excellent start on this circus trip. A wrap up of the past three games and an outlook on the next three as well as a breakdown of how well the Bulls have played overall.

Bulls Beat #166 -
After two well played losses, the Bulls pick up two ugly wins. I discuss the last week of Bulls basketball as well as the upcoming circus trip, the possibility of trading for Marcus Thornton and more (side note, couldn't remember who said it at the time of recording, but the idea of NO's tanking Thornton's value to resign him was Sham's)

Bulls Beat #165 -
The Bulls played really well on the week but only manged to come out with a 1-2 record. I discuss the holes in the second unit, where to get a shooting guard, and the upcoming schedule as well as recap the past three games.

Bulls Beat #164 -
The Bulls start off 1 and 1, but the feelings are better than the reality after the Bulls pull off an impressive come from behind victory against the Detroit Pistons.

Bulls Beat #163 -
I discuss the good and the bad of this preseason breaking down how each of the bulls major players looks in the season and give a preview as to what to expect out of the Bulls this season.

Bulls Beat #162 -
A discussion of the Bulls first three preseason games and the player evaluations of the entire roster over those three games.

Bulls Beat #161 -
A discussion of all the training camp and media news as well as a quick preview of the Bucks vs Bulls preseason game that meanders into a season wide comparison of the two teams fighting for the central division crown.

Bulls Beat #160 -
I discuss the held up Melo to NJ deal and how the Bulls could get back in the picture and trump New York while keeping Joakim Noah a Chicago Bull.

Bulls Beat #159 -
Some fun discussion on whether Floyd Mayweather could take James Johnson in a fight to protect C.J. Watson, the latest trade news on Carmelo and Rudy, and the Bulls are looking at stretch fours. Also a special congratulatory note to my best friend Micah and his new wife Kerri on their marriage this past weekend.

Bulls Beat #158 -
Some light talk about our new assistant coaches, more on our odds of getting Carmelo, plenty of discussion on Noah's extension, and some more hate directed at the Miami Heat

Bulls Beat #157 -
Not much going on in Chicago Bulls world this week, but I had to show off this new intro Justin made me. Also discussed the latest Carmelo and Fernandez rumors as well as Carlos Boozer's claim that the Bulls can realistically win the championship this year.

Bulls Beat #156 -
Some inside tidbits on Joakim's offseason, plenty of international basketball discussion, Jay Mariotti,Jerry Reinsdorf, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer and the merger with

Bulls Beat #155 -
I discuss the lack of a Rudy Fernandez/Xavier Henry trade, the Heat vs the 96 Bulls, and Jerry Krause (yeah it's a slow month)

Bulls Beat #154 -
Some discussion of Scottie Pippen's hall of fame induction, why theMiami Heat trio are such douchebags, and why Carmelo for Deng + Noah would hurt emotionally but is good for the Bulls.

Bulls Beat #153 -
The Bulls are unable to convince Portland to take their best offer for Fernandez, and the Bulls move on to sign guard Keith Bogans. I discuss the rotations, possible future trade discussions with Fernandez and take glee in the fact that Tracy McGrady landed in the division.

Bulls Beat #152 -
I discuss the Rudy Fernandez rumors and the final roster spots the Bulls may choose as well as prove what a terrible person I am.

Bulls Beat #151 -
A discussion of Jackson Heights' own Randy Waaatson! I talk about the new signings, who's left, and the financial decisions the Bulls have made for the future.

Bulls Beat #150 -
I discuss the matching of Redick, leaving of Miller, signing of Brewer as well as the other potential players left for the Bulls to pursue in free agency.

Bulls Beat #149 -
A review of how free agency has worked out for the Bulls and their prospects against the Miami asshats.

Bulls Beat #148 -
The Bulls have shifted the balance of power by clearing out room for nearly two maximum free agents.

Bulls Bear #147 -
Just some feel good moments I was having in the car

Bulls Beat #146 -
I interview Jonathan Givony about the NBA draft.

Bulls Beat #145 -
K.C. Johnson stops by to answer questions about Free Agency, Tom Thibodeau, the luxury tax, the fate of the CBA, and so much more.

Bulls Beat #144 -
I quite belatedly discuss the hiring of Tom Thibodeau as head coach and the latest and greatest (however limited that is) on the 2010 free agency clas. Also, KC Johnson will be appearing on the next Bulls beat, so if you have questions for KC let me know.

Bulls Beat #143 -
I take a brief look at the draft, examine the Bulls coaching search, and give some more takes and info on what's going on with the 2010 free agent search

Bulls Beat #142 -
Everything related to LeBron James and all the ways the summer of 2010 might play out.

Bulls Beat #141 -
A look at our coaching search where I finally pick a lane on who I want to coach the Bulls, and some more talk on 2010 free agency.

Bulls Beat #140 -
A wrap up of the season, the playoffs with the cavs, the latest on the coaching search, and some light discussion on 2010 free agency.

Bulls Beat #139 -
The Bulls fall flat in game four and face an insurmountable challenge going forward in the playoffs as well as a look at how these playoffs effect free agency going forward.

Bulls Beat #138 -
A look at the 2010 free agency class and how it's likely to break down as well as a look at game 1 of the Bulls vs Cavs series and the adjustments for game 2.

Bulls Beat #137 -
A discussion of where Derrick Rose needs to improve, why Joakim Noah may not be here in the future, and all things related to the future salary cap.

Bulls Beat #136 -
An update on injuries, playoff hopes, and a look at how the end of our bench has performed down the stretch.

Bulls Beat #135 -
The Bulls free fall continues, but James Johnson has provided a small silver lining with his quality play. Also, I re-evaluate the Murry/Warrick trade and discuss Vinny's future as well as the Bulls present playoff hopes.

Bulls Beat #134 -
A discussion of the Bulls playoff hopes, 2010 free agency, and Derrick Rose's improvement this year.

Bulls Beat #133 -
A short discussion of how our moves at the deadline have worked so far, a look at the difficulty of the upcoming schedule, some thoughts on Joakim's injury as well as Derrick's emergence as a star.

Bulls Beat #132 -
A discussion of the Bulls record and possibilities for this season, trade possibilities at the deadline, and the new collective bargaining agreement

Bulls Beat #131 -
I give some early thoughts on the performances of the Bulls schemes and players through the first two games of the season.

Bulls Beat #130 -
I describe my experiences through media day, a Bulls practice and some thoughts on the team this season. Thanks to James Johnson for the new intro.

Bulls Beat #128 -
The slow month times are on us as perhaps the only entirely dead month of NBA basketball news trudges on. I break down a variety of topics related to the fit and future of the roster, coaching staff, and answer your email questions.

Bulls Beat #127 -
I return to the podcasting world after a 1 day retirement with sad personal news along with some discussion of the Bulls.

Bulls Beat #126 -
It's not epic, it's not filled with great inside info, it's simply the final episode of the Bulls Beat podcast where I say my goodbyes to you, the fans who've made this show worth doing for the past few years.

Bulls Beat #125 -
A discussion of Ben Gordon leaving the Bulls, the money involved, and the future direction of the franchise without him.

Bulls Beat #124 -
I discuss the Bulls draft, rather belatedly, free agency on the horizon, ben gordon's situation, answer email questions, and attempt to get back on a more normal recording schedule

Bulls Beat #123 -
I discuss the final four prospects in DX's top 26. Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozan, and Jordan Hill as well as giving out my talent breakdown as far as what order I would rank the prospects in on draft day.

Bulls Beat #122 -
I discuss some of the top prospects in the draft Blake Griffin, Ricky Rubio, Hasheem Thabeet, Brandon Jennings, and James Harden

Bulls Beat #121 -
I discuss big man prospects for the Bulls going over Tyler Hansbrough, Austin Daye, Sam Young, Gani Lawal, and Omri Casspi

Bulls Beat #119 -
I discuss wing prospects for the Bulls going over Terrance Williams, Gerald Henderson, Chase Budinger, Marcus Thornton, and Wayne Ellington.

Bulls Beat #118 -
I sit down with Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress to discuss the latest rumors about the Bulls and the draft as well as break down all of the draft prospects in the draft.

Bulls Beat #117 -
I break down Earl Clark, James Johnson, BJ Mullens, and Dejaun Blair as possible big men selections for the Bulls at pick #16 as well as answer email questions

Bulls Beat #116 -
I am joined by Joey Whelan of to discuss the players currently projected to be at teh top of the lists in the Bulls draft range. We give overviews of about 15-20 different guys whom the Bulls will be looking at in the NBA draft.

Bulls Beat #115 -
Okay, I've reverted to song for the second time to shock you out of your game seven hangovers. I give my closing thoughts on the players, the season, the coaches, and preview what's to come on the Bulls Beat in the coming months.

Bulls Beat #114 -
The Bulls gut out a triple overtime win against the Celtics to send the closest playoff series ever to a deciding game 7. Several Bulls weren't as happy as you'd think they would be while the refs did us no favors an the commissioner will probably pass on doing us one today as well.

Bulls Beat #113 -
The Bulls lost a heartbreaker, but they gained all the experience you could hope for in a playoff series to build hunger for next year. I take a look at game 5 and preview game 6 where the Bulls attempt to even the series. Also, the Bulldpodcsters T-Shirts are finally here, and on sale now through the website.

Bulls Beat #112 -
Doc Rivers is now the one with no timeouts at the end of the game as the Bulls shorten this to a best of three series with a game four win. Derrick Rose plays well, Brad Miller's a hot head, and a look at the critical game five in Boston on Tuesday

Bulls Beat #111 -
The closest a series can be after three games is two to one. The Bulls may find themselves on the wrong side of that two to one, but a single victory will fix everything. I discuss what the Bulls need to do to make that happen in game four.

Bulls Beat #110 -
Derrick Rose grabs superstardom by the horns and has launched himself into the national conversation with LeBron, Howard, Wade, and Bosh as rising stars of the East while Vinny Del Negro almost turns a win into a loss.

Bulls Beat #109 -
The Bulls blow it against the Raptors, but they're the larger winners of the seeding war as they now play a Garnettless Celtics team. I break down the matchup and answer your email questions.

Bulls Beat #108 -
The Bulls clinch a playoff spot in unheralded fashion as Charlotte loses to Oklahoma City on the road. I go over the different tiebreakers, in confusing fashion, and try to figure out what seed we'll land on. I make cases for VDN and John Paxson as coach/GM, and discuss your emails this week.

Bulls Beat #107 -
I wrap up the latest on the Bulls hunt for the playoffs, make the Kirk Hinrich, make the case for VDN sort of, and announce some of the details on the Bulls playoff ticket giveaway.

Bulls Beat #106 -
I announce the new website and big project that has taken up a lot of my time lately and discuss the Bulls recent run of games, answer email questions, and break into some discussion about our individual players as well as the Hamburgler.

Bulls Beat #105 -
I discuss the Bulls push towards the playoffs where they're presently locked on the 8th seed and look to be in excellent shape. Also an overview of the off season and what decisions lie in wait for us then with some pros and cons of how we will mix up the present backcourt and my dreams for the front court along with my unintentional rant on the business of college basketball.

Bulls Beat #104 -
The Bulls have given you a roller coaster ride over the past four games, and as the season winds down there are two things on the mind of Bulls fans. Will we make the playoffs and will Derrick Rose win rookie of the year honors.

Bulls Beat #103 -
The British invasion takes over the Bulls Beat. As Mark joins me to discuss the Bulls playoff chase, Luol Deng's career as a brit and the injuries it brings, your email questions, Derrick Rose in the 4th, what will happen with Vinny Del Negro, and how to build the team in the future.

Bulls Beat #102 -
Matt from stops by to discuss the latest Bulls news. He was the lucky attendy of the Derrick Rose bust-out-athon against Houston, so we discuss that, Rose's progression, Luol Deng's latest issues, VDN's coaching stint and so mcuh more.

Bulls Beat #101 -
The Bulls raise your hopes by destroying the Nuggets and then send them crashing back down with a loss to the Pacers. A quick look at our new players in their debut, and I defend Vinny Del Negro, sort of. Also, my hot topic of the day is how to keep Ben Gordon a Bull next summer without paying the luxury tax. It isn't pretty, but there are solutions. All your email questions answered as well.

Bulls Beat #100 -
It's the 100th episode of the Bulls beat, and it couldn't have come at a better time. The trading deadline has passed, and the Bulls are definitely the winners. Not Amare winners, but winners none the less. I break down all the trades with a special guest who hasn't appeared on the show in quite some time. We also discuss the Paxson press conference as well as rumors of his retirement, and the Chris Bosh rumors as well as destroying all your hope for Ben Gordon staying (and then reigniting it just for fun).

Bulls Beat #99 -
The Paxson retirement has blown over somewhat and seems to be blown out of proportion by Vescey and too quickly confirmed by Hanley. KC and Mike McGraw give a story of nothing major to report. The Amare trade rumors continue to descend on the city, and I give you my take on how likely a deal is to come to fruition. Also, Derrick Rose wins the skills contest, but the rookies are unable to top the sophomores in the rookie/sophomore challenge.

Bulls Beat #98 -
John Paxson is resigning as reported by Peter Vescey and confirmed by Brian Hanley. What effect will this have on the trade deadline and what is the real reason that Paxson is leaving the Bulls? Speculation abounds on these topics. Also the shocking news doesn't stop us from reporting the worst end game sequence I've seen in years, who's dumber VDN or Thabo Sefolosha? You decide. Plenty more Amare talk thrown in for fun, as all your emails are answered.

Bulls Beat #97 -
It's a great day to be a Bulls fan as we just saw one of the best games of the year as the Bulls have a thrilling come from behind victory against the Pistons. We saw Chicago honor one of it's legends in Johnny Red Kerr, and we still get to be excited about the prospects of adding Amare Stoudemire, he of the worst nickname in the NBA, to our team via trade. All of this as well as some discussion of other trade rumors on this edtion of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #96 -
It's Amare mania, and I'm going to break it down for you like no other. The positives and negatives to acquiring Amare. The steps that need to be taken before he'll be traded anywhere, and the individual things that have to happen before he could become a Bull. The cap consequences, and best offers that I believe the Bulls could make. I'm breaking it down as much as I can. Also, the Bulls lose to the Mavs in OT after Derrick Rose drives the lane 100 times without getting a foul call all night, and of course, all emails answered.

Bulls Beat #95 -
The bulls have won four of their last five and clinched a winning record on a big road trip for the first time since the Jordan era. Everyone is playing well, and Larry Hughes has been banished. Things really couldn't be going any sweeter until that is rumors that Amare and Bosh may be availble for trade offering up opportunities to get that elusive star big man. I discuss all of the latest news including my belated discussion of Reinsdorf's problems with the team and answer all your email questions on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #94 -
The Bulls have won two in a row and attempt to break the three game win streak barrier again this year. I leap on the opportunity to do a podcast before that third game in order to still have something nice to say about the team. Noah and Tyrus are showing improvement, Deng is the man again, and Derrick Rose is setting up dunks in two blowouts on the road. I also get into some trade discussion, some who do you blame the most, and answer all your email questions.

Bulls Beat #93 -
The Bulls are playing better ball, but it's not showing up in the record books as the losing streak rolls on after the first game of the road trip. I've got a little good news on Joakim Noah to boost my hopes that he's going to take basketball more seriously this off season, and I answer all your email questions relating to VDN's tenure, Gordon's odds of staying, as well as if we'll be able to trade Larry Hughes.

Bulls Beat #92 -
The Bulls are what we thought they were. Unfortunately, that's what we thought they were after the Oklahoma City loss and not the Cleveland and Toronto wins. Closing out games is the greatest issue this team faces right now. Also, Joakim Noah, he's not so bad as you think. Really. I'm the only one who believes this, but it's true. Some fun personal stories, and finally, I answer your voicemail questions (bad Doug, bad for taking so long).

Bulls Beat #91 -
Did I just take a Zoloft or did the Bulls beat the Cavs last night while shutting down LBJ? Okay, he was sick, they were missing guys, and the offense still struggled, but who cares? After a couple downer episodes, I finally get to give you some feel good Bulls talk focused around the return of Hinrich, Deng, and maybe I'm finally entering the acceptance stage of Ben Gordon's fate. All this and all of your email comments on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #90 -
After going 2-2 after four home games against four of the worst teams in the NBA, it's oficially time to panic about this season. It's really hard to imagine things being a whole lot worse than this. What happened to the team that was a game under .500 after playing the toughest schedule in the NBA? They played a bunch of creampuffs and lost. Grab your hard liquor, turn on the blues and listen to the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #89 -
The Bulls are blown out by two good opponents, and then lose to one of the worst teams in the league. At home. The sky actually is falling, and the finger pointing and internal problems are obvious. VDN has lost the team and needs to go, and John Paxson may not be the right man to try and fix this mess. Wholesale changes are required at this point, and Paxson needs to prove he's not too attached to the players he drafted. My prediction of the 6th seed indeed looks pretty weak right now.

Bulls Beat #88 -
In this edition of the Bulls Beat I lightly cover the past three games, and spend a lot of time discussing the Bulls rotation as Hinrich appears to be possibly ahead of schedule in his recovery. Luol Deng and Drew Gooden should also be returning to the lineup soon, and a big time minute crunch seems inevitable. What do we do with this roster both short term and long term? This and other rambling thoughts in a somewhat disjointed edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #87 -
The Bulls were destroyed by three refs in Detroit on the onset of a tough six game stretch (5 on the road). The most surprising thing about the month of December may be the reimergence of Tyrus Thomas and the continued mediocre play of Loul Deng. A lot of discussion centered on those two players. Some discussion about our other front court options as well as all your email questions being answered.

Bulls Beat #86 -
The Bulls Beat is joined by Fred Pfeiffer of the Chicago Bullseye Podcast to discuss the latest on the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls get a big win over the Jazz, but will be without Drew Gooden until at least January. Tyrus has yet to suit up, and we get into the debate of what to do with Luol Deng and Ben Gordon as well.

Bulls Beat #85 -
The Bulls finish up their stretch of easy games the same place they entered it. One game under .500. Derrick Rose has looked mortal all of a sudden, but no reason to push the panic button on Rose yet. Tyrus and Joakim are starting to look promising, and the Bulls get to go to Boston to attempt to finally get to the breakeven point.

Bulls Beat #84 -
The Chicago Bulls have gone two and three since the last podcast with quick summations of the important notable points from those performances included. However, the real treat is a few tidbits I've gleaned from some sources regarding a bunch of your favorite Bulls players (okay not so much your favorites, since I didn't get anything special about rose), but plenty of info on our frontcourt and backcourt and recent happenings behind the scenes. Of course, all your email questions are answered as well on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #83 -
An Around the Horn style podcast hosted by Mark with special guests Brian Kush from Running with the Bulls, Nick and Adam from Bullscast, and Fred Pfeifer of the Chicago Bullseye along with myself debating hot topics about the Chicago Bulls.

Bulls Beat #82 -
The Bulls beat up on the Wizards, manage to almost blow the game at the end and continue their pattern of completely ignoring their youth. The season of development is completely off as the Bulls continue to throw out gimicky lineups in an attempt to get around the fact that their front court is worthless. Andres Nocioni redeems himself, at least a little bit while Drew Gooden does not.

Bulls Beat #81 -
The Bulls drop two games to mediocre team dimming the light at the end of the tunnel I've seen. Gooden and Nocioni are the primary culprits, but who do we really have to replace them? The Bulls have another six matchups on the easy part of the schedule and will need to win five of them to restore my faith in them.

Bulls Beat #80 -
The Bulls finish the circus trip with a 3-4 record and are 8-9 on the season entering a stretch of games which should allow them to surge quite a bit past the .500 mark into positive territory. Derrick Rose punctuates the whooping of the 76ers with two huge plays, and Larry Hughes manages to play reasonably well over a five game stretch. All your email questions are answered in this feel good edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #79 -
The Bulls stand at 7-8 overall, and they're 2-3 on the circus trip. All things considering an admirable start. Larry Hughes is contributing in a positive factor while Rose has been good enough to create a whole new rating system. Nocioni's not getting a pass from this show, and it seems like the Bulls have completely given up on the player development theory that was discussed so much in the off season. Plus, all your email questions have been answered as always.

Bulls Beat #78 -
The Bulls defeat the Warriors ending the doom and gloom of the Portland debacle claiming their first road win of the season as well as the first circus trip win this year. Larry Hughes shows up and plays well, and not only does he hit his shot, but he actually has solid shot selection. The Knicks trade Randolph and Crawford to free up cap space for 2010 creating a whole bunch of renewed 2010 discussion, and of course, all your email questions are answered.

Bulls Beat #77 -
The circus trip has not started pretty, and most Bulls fans are ready to jump ship. What does that mean? What practical moves can really be made at this point? Where are you going to go with this roster, and is Paxson going to be on the way out? I wade through the different issues effecting our team and try to figure out how management could help things move forward as well as answering all of your email questions.

Bulls Beat #76 -
The Bulls beat Dallas and Indy to reach 5-5 inspiring hope for a season to offer more than another lottery performance. Rose is a superstar, as if you didn't know it already. Ben Gordon denies Rose the ball. Larry Hughes sends Thabo Sefolosha to the bench, and our front court still stinks. All your long built up email questions are finally answered as well.

Bulls Beat #75 -
The first edition of Bulls Beat Live was released, and boy did I learn some lessons from trying to do this show. Topics covered a wide range of chat questions as well as Derrick Rose comments from my sole caller Brendan. I also got intothe Bulls past couple of games as well as a quick preview of what the next couple of games look like for the franchise.

Bulls Beat #74 -
The Bulls destroy the Suns and the offense returns to the form it displayed vs Milwaukee, but Luol Deng and Ben Gordon drop some questionable comments on the Chicago media prior to the game. The Bulls are off to a solid start at 3-3 and I take a look at the Bulls past and upcoming schedule and the difficulty of November. Also the information on Bulls Beat Live is re-iterated, be there, or be square!

Bulls Beat #73 -
In this episode I give you a Ben Wallace / Scott Skiles story that you won't wan to miss as well as a great story about Nocioni from our last victory against the Grizzlies. I discuss the three guard lineup, the problems with our offense, and mostly avoid ranting about Larry Hughes. All email questions answered and more details about the Bulls Beat Live call in show are out there.

Bulls Beat #72 -
First and foremost, I break down the defensive scheme employed against the MIlwaukee Bucks, and also get into the Celtics game where the Bulls were beaten to a pulp. What to think of Tyrus's 17 shots with 2 makes, Larry Hughes early recovery, and answers to your email questions as well as info on the first live Bulls Beat that with listener participation welcome through a call in line.

Bulls Beat #71 -
The Chicago Bulls open the season with a win in which everyone looks good and the offense looks a whole lot more impressive in regular season than in preseason. Al Harrington is once again connected to the Bulls in trade rumors, do we send Hinrich to get him and make a play at 2010 cap space? Even when he's not playing, Larry Hughes somehow deserves a rant, and all of your email questions of the past week and a half are finally answered.

Bulls Beat #70 -
The Chicago Bulls offensive play book may still be toned down, but Mark Fish joins me to break down what we've so far in how the offense works and what plays are run. See how our floor spacing is different, what kinds of shots are generated, and find out why Luol Deng isn't off to a great start in this system. We also give a quick overview of all the Bulls players and what they look like so far in the offense and how likely they are to adapt and discuss everyone's guilty pleasure, Larry Hughes' injury.

Bulls Beat #69 -
This week I was joined by Fred Pfeiffer, one of the hosts of the Chicago Bullseye Podcast. Fred and I broke down all kinds of topics for about an hour and a half from the interior defense to the guard glut and our unabashed love for Derrick Rose going forward. Catch it all on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #68 -
A look at preseason game #3 as well as how the Bulls project forward. We've got a MAD winner for the first contest of the year, and find out who Derrick Rose goes to when he needs some help. Is Larry Hughes trying to be a leader, and what's Ben Gordon doing on the sidelines during games? Find out the answers to these questions and your emails on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #67 -
The Bulls have played two preseason games and come up with two losses. I break down how Derrick Rose, and the rest of the team, looked in the two games, some early glimpses at the schemes the Bulls employed, and discussion of the things the team needs to work on most. A quick overview of Paxson's reign as GM post 2004/05, and all of your email questions answered.

Bulls Beat #66 -
The final Gordon post mortem including a quick discussion of all the final rumors about other offers, pulled offers, reduced offers, and all that fun stuff. A mystery quote about Derrick Rose, the latest comments about Joakim Noah, and some comments from VDN about the backcourt log jam. It's more fun than a poke in the eye, and Joakim and I can bost attest to that.

Bulls Beat #65 -
It's official, Ben Gordon has accepted the qualifying offer becoming the first above average player to do so in the league. How will this effect the Bulls this year, next year, and in the future? Will Gordon now be traded, and how much playing time will he get for the Bulls? I take a look at all the possibilities going forward.

Bulls Beat #64 -
Ben Gordon is reportedly taking the qualifying offer shaking up our long term future and creating interesting decisions on managing trades and minutes this off season. Also, some thoughts on Derrick Rose as I defend myself against the onslaught of negative feedback for daring to say something bad about him last episode. Also, your user emails answered and the first Bulls Beat contest of the 2008 season revealed.

Bulls Beat #63 -
I've got a couple leftover nuggets of info from my discussion with David Thorpe, some info about the general vibe of the team right now, a little bit of a peak at what's going on with the Bulls voluntary practice sessions, and of course, plenty of Ben Gordon talk.

Bulls Beat #62 -
In this edition of the Bulls Beat I discuss my conversation with ESPN Analyst and Director of the Pro Training Center of IMG Academies, David Thorpe, about Tyrus Thomas and his off season work with him. I also discuss the latest yahoo sports rumor surrounding a Gordon to the Heat, and answer your email questions.

Bulls Beat #61 -
In this episode of the Bulls Beat I break down the latest Ben Gordon rumors involving Euroleague spending powerhouse CSKA Moscow. The offer that was, then wasn't, then was planted. Also a brief overview of Luol Deng's European tournament and some user email.

Bulls Beat #60 -
Bulls Beat #60 is out with some good inside info on what all of your favorite Bulls have been up to this summer. Who's working hard and who's hardly working? Bulls Beat breaks it down for you. Updates on Thabo, Kirk, Ben, Deng, Tyrus, Noah, and even Demetris Nichols. the Bulls Beat has you covered.

Bulls Beat #59 -
In this edition of the Bulls Beat I go a little off topic to discuss some Olympics, give you a bit of info on Demetris Nichols contract with the Bulls, and drop the latest rumors regarding the Ben Gordon saga including an interesting new rumor about his representation. I also get into all of your email questions regarding trade ideas for the Bulls and some other fun stuff.

Bulls Beat #58 -
Ben Gordon has played his last game as a bull. Or has he? He says a sign and trade is imminent and that he won't take the qualifying offer under any circumstances. Is there really a trade? How does this effect the Bulls? How does it effect Gordon. In minor news, Luol Deng can't get insurance to play for GB, and I spend a little bit more time discussing podcasts that I listen to.

Bulls Beat #57 -
The Bulls went all in with their under the luxury tax dollars, but Ben Gordon hasn't been impressed. We get some confirmation on my report last week that no one else is interested in paying him either. I also take a close look at Gordon's outlook next year if he does take the qualifying offer and weigh in on what I think will happen with Gordon this summer. On top of that, I actually get to answer your email questions as well ranging from my podcast tastes to 2010 dreams.

Bulls Beat #56 -
Will Ben Gordon sign with the Bulls? What are his international and sign and trade prospects looking like right now? The NBA schedule has been released with neutral site games on the Bulls schedule!? One season ticket holder's story of freaking out, and a thorough discussion of the Bulls upcoming schedule.

Bulls Beat #55 -
Luol Deng and the Chicago Bulls finally agree on a contract (6/71), and the debate begins. Is he worth it? What will he do now? Where does this leave Ben Gordon? How will we handle the rest of the offseason with some roster certainty in place? At the Bulls Beat we try to answer all these questions and more.

Bulls Beat #54 -
Special guests Nick Gorsage and Adam Bricker from Bullscast join me to discuss Luol Deng's impending deadline, the latest free agency news, and Derrick Rose's performance as a member of the US Select Team.

Bulls Beat #53 -
Luol Deng demands the Bulls come to terms with him by August 4th or he's going to take the qualifying offere. Ben Gordon is still far away in talks, and Josh Childress may be heading to Greece.

Bulls Beat #52 -
Brian Kush of 'Running with the Bulls' drops in to cohost this episode of the Bulls Beat as we discuss Rose's knee, comments to CDR, Deng/Gordon extensions, and even break into some good ole video game discussion.

Bulls Beat #51 -
It's here, finally the summer league podcast. Returning from Orlando, I discuss the first 2 summer league games I saw up close and in person, share my talk with Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas's trainer, David Thorpe, and discuss my interview with John Paxson as well as other random things I heard while watching the games.

Bulls Beat #50 -
Del Harris is in, and I'm one happy man when it comes to the Bulls assistant coaching staff. Free agency is starting to kick off and the rumors are piling up. I've got a tidbit on Deng's contract demands, and go over what you should expect and hope for in the Orlando Summer League.

Bulls Beat #49 -
In this edition of the Bulls Beat I discuss the Bulls assistant coaching staff situation with 2 new hires and one more possibly on the way. I also go into a primer of free agency for this season going over the cap situation of teams who could sign away from the Bulls, and how I see the summer moving forward.

Bulls Beat #48 -
The Chicago Bulls come out of the 2008 draft with Derrick Rose and Omar Asik, and the Bulls Beat breaks down the picks, trade, and post pick comments from Rose, Paxson, and gives an immediate reaction to the Bulls 2008 draft.

Bulls Beat #47 -
With the first pick of the 2008 NBA draft, the Chicago Bulls select.... The lead assistant of the Chicago Bulls is... How does Kobe really stack up against MJ? How is Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's legacy effected by winning a title? All these questions and more answered on this addition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #46 -
A look at the Vinny Del Negro press conference as he takes his first step towards trying to win over the players and the fans. David Thorpe has been working out with Tyrus and Luol and has some interesting things to say about them, and of course, I answer all of your email questions.

Bulls Beat #45 -
The Bulls have a new head coach... or do they? What do we know about Vinny Del Negro? A little recap on the Rose / Beasley stuff from last podcast (for those who may miss it due to the quick release, and the answer to who we're taking with our 2nd round draft pick. For sure. Maybe. Okay, I don't believe it either.

Bulls Beat #44 -
A quick summation of the Beasley and Rose pros and cons, and my final choice on which route I'm taking. Also a brief update on our coaching seach and some discussion on the Doug Collins debacle. Also all your user emails answered.

Bulls Beat #43 -
Bulls Beat #43, the Rose Beat, is here with all force. Learn everything you wanted to know and more about #1 prospect Derrick Rose. I get down and dirty and about as in depth as you can when taking a long look at Derrick Rose.

Bulls Beat #42 -
Everything you ever wanted to know about Michael Beasley and more. I go in depth discussing his offensive game, his post ups, shooting, driving, defense, passing, team play, attitude, and break down Beasley the prospect like you will probably not hear anywhere else. Enjoy this edition of the Beasley Beat.

Bulls Beat #41 -
The Bulls have won the lottery. Now what? I'm not going to focus on who to draft until I've heavily scouted each player, but I do want to get into all the side issues that come up when you get this lucky. How does this effect our coaching search? our RFAs? trades? Tune in to find out.

Bullsbeat #240 -
I discuss the NBA Finals matchup and why the Bulls might want to pay the luxury tax this season afterall.

Bulls Beat #40 -
On this edition of the Bulls Beat, we cover the NBA Draft Lottery odds for tonight, update you on the Bulls coaching search, and discuss in depth some more of the prospects that the Bulls may be looking at in the NBA Draft: Danilo Galinari, Nicolas Batum, and Donte Green. We also cover your email questions and discuss a litle bit about Tyrus Thomas. So kick back, and enjoy another edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #39 -
How did the Bulls lose D'Antoni and was he their man to lose in the first place? I break it down based on all the published reports from Reinsdorf, D'Antoni, and our beat writers opinions themselves. Sometimes, there just is no one to blame. Who do we go with now? Tom Thibodeau is my choice of the likely candidates. I also answer our lone email question not related to how awesome it'd be if D'Antoni comes to coach us, and wonder, how will this effect the Gordon and Deng signings. All this and more on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #38 -
Discussion about newest Bulls coaching canidadate Mike D'Antoni, a little bit bout draft prospects Russel Westbrook, DJ Augustin, Jerryd Bayless, OJ Mayo, and Eric Gordon, as well as some info on salary cap consequences in a sign in trade. I also get into your email questions and throw out some trade ideas for you to consider.

Bulls Beat #37 -
I go over the latest news on the Chicago Bulls head coaching search including updates on the primary candidates as well as updates on what other teams looking for head coaches are doing. I also take a closer look at 4 big men whom the Bulls may be looking at for the draft this summer. Kevin Love, Anthony Randolph, DeAndre Jordan, and Javalle McGee. All this and more on the 37th edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #36 -
I discuss the close of the Bulls season which couldn't even happen without some controversy. Bring you some inside scoop from sources around Joakim Noah which show a troubling view of the inside of the Chicago organization. I disucss a couple of trade scenarios and our overall options for the off season and what directions the franchise can take moving forward. I also hit up some email questions I had been remiss to answer earlier and oh so much more on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #35 -
I break down the different scenarios for our lotto seeding, discuss the 151 point outburst, and get into some details about the latest coaching rumors with the team. I also go over some prilimanary thoughts on contract offers for Deng and Gordon and discuss the shape of our roster from a trade aspect standpoint and what things each player needs to work on over the off season. A long ,morbidly depressing, rambling edition of the Bulls Beat, surely only for die hards and likely to be easily topped in the near future.

Bulls Beat #34 -
I get a little more information from NBA sources about the Chicago Bulls including a juicy tidbit about Tyrus Thomas that will make Tyrus fans salvate at the future. A little info on what the Bulls plan on doing inside the draft, plus we get some fun with all time season favorites of dissing Ben Wallace and Jim Boylan and try to make sense of the Bulls season's final 6 games and what we hope to see from a rotation standpoint. Some discussion about our core, some emailer questions, and oh so much more in this action packed edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #33 -
This week I go over a few more Boylanisms including the recent play of Duhon over Sefolosha, and how now is still not the time to develop young players. I also discuss a few Nocioni to the Raptors trade scenarios, discuss Larry Hughes blow up with the coaching staff, and discuss Drew Gooden's roll with the team in the future. I also answer some email questions with trade ideas, organizational ideas, and oh so much more.

Bulls Beat #32 -
I discuss a bunch of inside info I've heard from NBA sources breaking down some of the problems that have gone on with the team and give you a bit more info as to why things have gone the way they have. Want to know why Tyrus can't get any burn? I've got your answer. I also go over a few of the coaching candidates recently mentioned in the press, Jeff Van Gundy, Rick Carlisle, and John Calipari.

Bulls Beat #31 -
I rant about the Bulls coaching staff, the open rebellion of the players and our loss of any hope at the 7th seed. I take a look at a couple solutions on how to solve some of the Bulls woes in the off season, and get into the reasons underlying the Bulls character collapse. Enjoy anohter edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #30 -
In this extended edition of the Bulls Beat I'm joined by one of our original cohosts, Mark, and we discuss how to fix the mess that is the Chicago Bulls. Answering questions like whether to bench Larry Hughes, who should replace Jim Boylan, who will be back next off season, and much more. We'll break down a few on the fly trade scenarios with Andres Nocioni and discuss the perils of selling low (remember Tyson Chandler). We also discuss the Bulls playoff odds and assess whether you should be rooting for the playoffs or the lotto pick. So load up your ipod or favorite mp3 player, and sit down and enjoy another edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #29 -
The Bulls season appears to have crashed to a close with the debacle against the Wizards and a loss to the Cavs. The Bulls are falling farther back in the standings and the lotto looks more likely than ever. Join me as I discuss the most recent three games, updates on our coaching staffs idiocy, and Larry Hughes proves without a shadow of a doubt that he needs to be chucked off the team already. I'll respond to all your email questions, and you can still win Chicago Bulls tickets by emailing the show.

Bullsbeat #129 -
A look at Jordan's controversial Hall of Fame speech, some Omer Asik scouting information, a brief look at 2010, and what the Bulls need to do to improve this summer.

Bulls Beat #28 -
I break down the Bulls post Wallace, our incoming players, some trade ideas, and answer all your email questions and comments.

Bulls Beat #27 -
Sean Cassidy of Bears cast joins the Bulls beat to discuss the tail end of the season and our renewed hope.

Bulls Beat #26 -
Ben Wallace is gone, hear all about who left, who came, and how the new rotation is going to look. We break down the greatest day in Chicago Sports history (for at least the past week that is) on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

Bulls Beat #25 -
Breakdown of possible Bulls moves going into the trade deadline, the hunt for the 8th seed, and some Jim Boylan love.

Bulls Beat #24 -
Brian Kush from the Running with the Bulls podcast joins us today to discuss the Bulls and share in the Jim Boylan hate with us.

Bulls Beat #23 -
Why you don't want me to inject you with an epi pen, a couple user emails, plus your standard Ben Wallace, Jim Boylan, and Chris Duhon hate.

Bulls Beat #22 -
Doug talks about our failure to get Pau Gasol, the concrete avoidance of the luxury tax, a bit about Tyrus Thomas and oh so much more..

Bulls Beat #21 -
Doug discusses Jim Boylan, how to treat Ben Wallace, why we won't trade Tyrus Thomas, and oh so much more

Bulls Beat #20 -
Doug discuss all the Bulls problems to date, possible solutions and re-enters the podcasting world.

Bulls Beat -
I discuss the newest Bulls as well as why Luol Deng will be here for another season.

Bulls Beat -
I discuss the mid first round point guard / combo guard prospects in this draft: Jeff Teague, Jonny Flynn, Eric Maynor, Ty Lawson, and Jrue Holiday

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