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#092: Free Agency Eve
Aggrey Sam of CSN Chicago&Slam Magazine returns to the show hours away from NBA free agency to discuss Carmelo's meeting in Chicago, Derrick Rose's recent comments, the latest rookie additions to the Bulls, and much more.

#091: Divided on Doug
The gang's back to react to the Bulls draft 1st round draft selection, Doug McDermott, and determine the implications on the team's pursuits of Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love. Listen to who's sold on the scorer from Creighton and who was disappointed by the front office's decision.

#090: Rumor Reaction
Nillz&Ricky cycle through all the recent rumors and reports surrounding Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, and Derrick Rose. With the draft just days away, listen to our reaction to the roller coaster of off-season speculation.

#089: Finals Reflection&Free Agency
Ricky O'Donnell joins Patty Nillz to recap the Finals and how the NBA landscape, from personnel to style of play, may change as a result of the Spurs championship victory. We also dissect Carmelo Anthony's frontrunning options between Chicago and Houston.

#088: Rappers&Ballers
Nillz and Ricky are back, and we swear there's some Bulls talk embedded in this episode featuring everything from the Blackhawks&Lance Stephenson to the Finals and LeBron's legacy.

#087: Who Do You Love?
Ricky O'Donnell joins Nillz with a in-depth report from the NBA Draft Combine. We also give our thoughts on the speculation surrounding Kevin Love, implications of the coaching carousel in full swing, and a quick look at the conference finals.

#086: Offseason Optimism
The gang's back - Nillz, Mitch&E are all together again to look back on the Wizards series and the Bulls' season as a whole before diving into the excitement and"flexibility"of the off-season. We also make some bold predictions for the remainder of these NBA playoffs since basketball actually does exist outside the Bulls, we guess.

#085: Doubt&Defeat
Nillz&Ricky sound off on what went wrong with the Bulls, underestimating the Wizards, and the excitement of the NBA Playoffs. Let's just say this probably won't be the favorite episode of the Hinrich&Boozer families, but while we express our disappointment and frustration, it's not all bad news because hey - we're potentially on the cusp of the 2014 Plan!

#084: Droughts&Doom
Is this the beginning of the end? Mitch takes the goggles off and tries to talk Nillz off the ledge as the Bulls head to Washington down 0-2 to the Wizards.

#083: Welcoming Washington
With the series just hours from tip-off, we've got one more episode to preview Bulls/Wizards. Listen in as Mitch chats with SB Nation and Bullets Forever's Mike Prada to break down this 1st round match-up.

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