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He Dropped The Ball # 8 - Back In The Saddle
Fred criticizes the notion that not showing up to games means you’re being a true fan, aka the Sox Fan M.O.

He Dropped the Ball # 7 - A Legend Rejected
Fred and Mike discuss the Cubs managerial hire, ask why Fooball is bigger than Baseball, and the future of the White Sox

He Dropped the Ball # 6 - Why the Hate for “Base Cloggers”?
The reason why the Sox collapsed are pinpointed by Mike. Fred and Mike also provide their NFL divisional predictions. Recorded on 9.10.10.

He Dropped the Ball # 5 - Guillen or Williams?
Fred also discusses the Cubs' pathetic group of young "talent".

He Dropped the Ball # 4
Fred and Mike talk about the Lou’s retirement, the death of Steinbrenner, and Michael grades the South Siders on an A – F scale.

He Dropped the Ball # 3 - The Big Z Meltdown
Fred and Mike discuss the latest in the Big Z saga and how the Sox turned it around.

He Dropped the Ball #2 -
Patrick Keiner tells his unfortunate tale of meeting his boyhood hero Doug Dacenzo at the Cubs Convention a few years ago. Mike Paniak chats on the non-perfect game and Griffey Hall of Fame talk.

He Dropped The Ball #1
A discussion with Frederick Pfeiffer, host of He Dropped the Ball, and Michael Paniak, an expert on the Chicago White Sox. The state of the Cubs and Sox is addressed.

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